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Submissions by Individuals

Submissions to the Commission

You are invited to make a written submission. The Commission welcomes contributions from all members of the public on their experiences, observations, and ideas on the matter of foreign interference in Canada’s federal electoral processes and democratic institutions. You’ll find guidelines for your submission below.

An important part of the Commission’s mandate is to examine and report on the experiences of members of ethnic and cultural communities who may be especially vulnerable to foreign interference . Members of diaspora communities are encouraged to engage with the Commission by providing written submissions.

All submissions received by July 31, 2024 will be read and considered by the Commission.

Guidelines for preparing your submission to the Commission

You are encouraged to make your submission as early as possible. More information on when to make your submission is set out under the heading “Important Dates” below.

All submissions received by July 31, 2024 will be read and considered by the Commission. Your submission may be referred to or quoted by the Commission, either in a written report or during the Commission’s public hearings. Unless you give us your written permission, the Commission will not release any identifying information about you, such as your name or email address. If you do not want your submission to be referred to or quoted, clearly mark your submission as “confidential.”

When preparing your submission, you are encouraged to consider the following:

  • Be specific and, where appropriate, be specific about the facts related to your experiences;
  • Focus on the most important things you want the Commission to know; and
  • Make your submission concise and focused. 

You can make your submission in the language of your choice. If you make a submission in a language other than French or English, please identify the language used at the beginning of the submission.

The following questions may be helpful in preparing your submission:

  • Who are you? Useful information includes your age, occupation (if applicable), and any connection or involvement you may have with diaspora communities.
  • How have you been involved with Canadian federal elections or democratic processes? Useful information includes any political memberships or affiliations you have, and any involvement you may have had with internal party processes such as candidate nominations, with the federal election process, or with federal democratic processes in general (for example, volunteering for a candidate, participating in a campaign, lobbying, donating, or voting).
  • What do you know about foreign interference in federal elections or democratic processes? Useful information includes what foreign interference you are aware of, how you became aware of foreign interference, and whether you have personally been the target of a foreign actor’s attempts to interfere with Canada’s federal elections or democratic processes.
  • How have you been affected by foreign interference in Canadian federal elections or democratic processes? Useful information includes any impact on your health, relationships, work life, or other impacts you experienced, along with information about any interactions you had with authorities and resources such as law enforcement or government departments, services, or agencies related to foreign interference. 
  • How have you responded or reacted to foreign interference? Useful information includes any dealings you had with law enforcement or government departments, services, agencies, or independent federal organizations related to foreign interference. If you sought or received assistance from law enforcement, government departments, services, agencies or independent federal organizations in responding to foreign interference, the Commission is interested in learning how effective that assistance was, and hearing about what else would have helped you.
  • What else would you like the Commission to know or consider? Useful information includes any suggestions or recommendations relating to detecting, deterring or combatting foreign interference and for protecting or supporting people who may be vulnerable to foreign interference.

Sending your submissions to the Commission

You can provide your submissions to the Commission via email, mail, or via the Signal encrypted messaging app, as described below. If you have any questions about making a submission, or if you are unable to make a submission in writing without accommodation, please contact the Commission at and provide a telephone number the Commission team can use to contact you to discuss.


You can email your submissions to the Commission at the following email address:


If you feel more comfortable providing information to the Commission using encrypted means, you may do so through the Signal – Private Messenger app.   The Commission’s Signal username  is: signal_pifi_epie20.24


You can send your submission to us by surface mail at the following address:

Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference
90 Sparks St
Basement - 04
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0H9

Important dates 

The Commission will hold public hearings in Fall 2024, including hearings intended to assist the Commissioner in making recommendations to the federal government. In light of the timing of these hearings, any submissions should be made before July 31, 2024.

Languages (coming soon):
Information about making submissions will soon be available in the following languages:

Sorani Kurdish